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Basil | Spliff

Basil | Spliff

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Introducing Megaspliff - Basilosaurus, a premium cannabis blend meticulously curated to deliver an unparalleled smoking experience. Crafted with 80% SGL Kush, boasting an impressive 38% THC content and a dynamic flavor profile featuring notes of diesel, sour, and sweet, this blend offers a potent and flavorful indulgence. Complemented by 20% Picaroon, renowned for its rich dark chocolate flavor, Megaspliff - Basilosaurus offers a harmonious balance of intense potency and indulgent sweetness with every puff. Whether you're seeking relaxation or inspiration, Megaspliff - Basilosaurus promises to elevate your cannabis journey to new heights. Experience the epitome of luxury and satisfaction with Megaspliff - Basilosaurus today.

Rooted in West Indian heritage, the term "spliff" enriches your smoking experience with cultural significance. Embrace tradition and elevate your cannabis journey with Megaspliff - Megalodon.


Package: 10 spliffs | 0.8g/spliff |

Size: 1 1/4 inches 

Recipe: 80% SGL Kush (popcorn), 20% Picaroon 

Potent: 38% THC 

Flavor: Diesel, sour, sweet, dark chocolate 

Type: Hybrid - Balance 

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