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Mega | Spliff

Mega | Spliff

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Introducing Megaspliff - Megalodon, a pioneering addition to Canada's cannabis scene!

Crafted with the finest Caribbean recipe, this exceptional blend consists of 80% Exotic LSO - Pink August (popcorn) contribute the delightful mango flavor, alongside 20% Grabba Picaroon, adding a luscious dark chocolate note.

Experience unparalleled smoothness and flavor, complemented by a potent 38% THC content derived from top-tier flowers. Prepare for an unforgettable smoke session that will leave you yearning for more.

Rooted in West Indian heritage, the term "spliff" enriches your smoking experience with cultural significance. Embrace tradition and elevate your cannabis journey with Megaspliff - Megalodon.


Package: 10 spliffs | 0.8g/spliff |

Size: 1 1/4 inches 

Recipe: 80% Pink August (popcorn), 20% Picaroon 

Potent: 38% THC 

Flavor: mango, gas, Tuna, dark chocolate 

Type: Hybrid - Indica dominant 

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