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Zeu | Spliff

Zeu | Spliff

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Introducing Megaspliff: Zeuglodon, a cannabis marvel that redefines the smoking experience.

This exceptional blend boasts 80% De Castrie Death, featuring grade Exotic LSO infused with the invigorating essence of Blueberry. Complementing this tantalizing flavor profile is 20% Picaroon, crafted from Grabba grade DCA leaf, characterized by its rich dark air-cured texture and delightful dark chocolate flavor.

With a potent THC content of 34%, Megaspliff: Zeuglodon promises an unparalleled journey of smoothness and intensity. Elevate your cannabis adventure with this exquisite creation that combines tradition with innovation, delivering a smoke session that leaves a lasting impression.

Rooted in West Indian heritage, the term "spliff" enriches your smoking experience with cultural significance. Embrace tradition and elevate your cannabis journey with Megaspliff - Megalodon.

Package: 10 spliffs | 0.8g/spliff |

Size: 1 1/4 inches 

Recipe: 80% De CastrieDeath (popcorn), 20% Picaroon 

Potent: 34% THC 

Flavor: blueberry, vanilla, dark chocolate 

Type: Hybrid - Indica dominant 


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